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Welcome to the SinglebaseCloud docs

What is SinglebaseCloud?

SinglebaseCloud is a cloud backend as a service (BaaS) and a Firebase alternative, that provides a modern backend with the general building blocks required to build fantastic digital products.

We make it easy to build and deploy using our platform which takes care of configuration, security, and performance. Things just work and scale automatically so you can focus on your product and your business.

What is Backend as a Service?



The NoSQL Document Datastore solution offers a flexible and scalable way to store and manage unstructured data, with advanced querying and indexing capabilities.

Datastore API Reference


With Authentication service, you can easily secure your application or website with industry-standard protocols, including multi-factor authentication and social login options.

Auth API Reference


Storage solution provides secure and flexible cloud-based storage for your files and media, with features like versioning, access controls, and automatic backups.

Storage API Reference

The Search service helps you deliver fast and accurate search results for your website or application, with customizable indexing, filtering, and relevance ranking.


The Analytics platform offers powerful insights into your data, with customizable dashboards, real-time monitoring, and advanced reporting features.


The Image service makes it easy to store, manipulate, and serve your images at scale, with features like automatic resizing, caching, and optimized delivery for different devices and networks.